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News & Fun


December 2020
We have been awarded a pilot grant from the Lion Heart Fund for Cancer Research to study the role of DNA replication initiation in cancer.
November 2020
Jan successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis.
Congratulations, Dr. Jan Schmidt!
August 2020
Jan's structural work on DNA-bound metazoan ORC/Cdc6 (and much more) is published in Nature Communications.
Congratulations, Jan!
March 2020
Kimmie's and Chrishan's rotation is coming to end end. We say good bye with a lab lunch at Miso's.
January 2020
Babatunde was selected for the SNF Postdoc Mobility Fellowship. Congratulations to Babatunde!
January 2020
We arrived at Yale University. The brand-new Yale Science Building will become our new home.


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